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March 14, 2014


1.  the junction where work and play, responsibility and passion, productivity and enjoyment meet blurring boundaries whereby it becomes impossible to distinguish where one ceases and the other begins. (according to takerecess.com)

Welcome to the recess blog, which we have named r², where recess is no longer an abstract concept but a substantive daily experience. This platform will recognize a variety of recess experiences from within our community. But also, it will serve as a forum to discuss how to incorporate the philosophy of recess into our daily lives.  These essential matters are the foundation of our company culture and brand.

Back in grade school recess wasn't just a break from studying or learning, it was an essential part of the educational process. Along with relief from the monotony of textbooks, recess gave our minds a chance to process, refuel, and refresh. And it was at recess that we first began to hone the social skills we use today.

Recess was in fact an indispensible part of school.  If you enjoyed recess, you (by definition) enjoyed school. We feel recess should have followed us through grade school, high school and college, and into adulthood. This philosophy underlies the principle of our brand: as we take recess and nurture the key components of our everyday lives in which we find passion, enjoyment and solace, the benefits of recess will spill over into our lives. As a whole we will be happier, more productive, and more keen in observing the sweetness of life.   Please reply to this blog and let us know how you take recess.


Team Recess

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