Leather Care

Our leathers are carefully hand selected to age slowly and beautifully after general daily use increasing in character as time progresses. However, life happens, and here are a few general guidelines to make sure your leather accessory maintains its beauty for years to come.

General Leather Care Instructions

1.  If your leather accessory has become wet, let it dry slowly at room temperature. Harsh heating or drying can permanently change or alter the natural structure of leather.
2. Do not over stretch the leather as it will loose its natural elasticity, and cannot return to its previous shape.
3. For small or minor stains use a damp cloth to remove to the blemish. Try not to use harsh soaps or chemicals as leather may absorb the substances, and become discolored or misshapen.  

Stain Removal and Moisturization

1. Choose a quality leather cleaner and leather moisturizer. 
2. Apply the leather cleaner*. For dirt removal – Using a clean, soft cloth dab a small amount of leather cleaner product onto the dirtied area using circular strokes.  Make sure to wipe off any residue and allow the wallet to dry for 30 minutes.
3. Apply the leather moisturizer. After the dirt has been cleaned and the wallet has been allowed to dry for at least 30 minutes, using a clean, soft cloth apply an even coat of moisturizer using circular strokes.  Make sure to wipe off any residue and proceed to buff gently using a dry cloth to bring out the natural luster of the leather. 
4. Enjoy your recess wallet and tell all your friends about us!


*Important Note

Test your cleaner and moisturizer on a small, less visible area of the wallet and wait a few minutes to ensure the cleaner will not alter the color of the leather. If the item appears unchanged, proceed with cleaning the entire wallet.  Choose your cleaner and moisturizer carefully.  recess will not be held responsible for any color alteration or damage incurred due to improper cleaning or care.  



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